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5×5…haters goona hate, but sometimes with good reason

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This morning Rick DeVos, the mastermind behind ArtPrize and heir to the Amway fortune announced his new venture, 5×5 Night.  The idea behind it is that anyone with an idea, be it entrepreneurial, artistic, a community project, whatever, presents their proposal and a jury votes on it.  The  winner, or winners are awarded $5000.  Upon first […]

Best song of the 2000s?

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I know we are already well into 2011 and this debate is probably old to many. I am hardly trying to be Pitchfork on this site. However I feel comfortable in the grandiose statement that the Arcade Fire is the most dynamic band of the previous decade. While they have only put out three records, […]

Thoughts on Representative Giffords

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I am deeply saddened and angered by the shooting on Representative Gabrielle Giffords. While her condition still remains unknown and little is known about the motives behind the shooting, it seems quite reasonable to think this was an assassination attempt. However I am equally repelled by how quickly many are jumping to conclusions and engaging […]

RIP Gerry Rafferty

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Gerry Rafferty, known for his famed song “Baker Street”, as well as Steelers Wheel died today.  That news got me thinking about one of the best and most brutal scenes in movie history.

Another issue in Wealthy/Cherry St renewal

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This morning I commented on a story posted on The Rapidian, “Creating Myths in Uptown“.  I was commenting in reply to something said by Kent County Commissioner Jim Talen. You are welcome to read and comment further on our exchange.  However, a few minutes after my comment, Commissioner Talen emailed me, and raised an issue […]